“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”

— Mahatma Gandhi: Leader & Author

Article Overview:

It may be surprising but it is a fact that peace comes from within. Big brands, huge bank balance, gorgeous physique can give you time-being happiness, but they can’t make you feel good and peaceful about your life and yourself. If you seek peace in these materialistic possessions, then you won’t be at peace with yourself. You need to change your though pattern, and change your prospective of looking at things to be at peace with yourself. Here are 5 reasons why you aren’t at peace with yourself and what you can do about it.


1. Your diet is not balanced:

You are what you eat. Your diet plays a crucial role in how you feel.

Stop eating junk food: Burgers, cakes, fries etc. makes your body flooded with calories, trans fat and cholesterol. As a result, you feel unenergetic, lethargic and put on weight which also makes you lose self-esteem.

• Increase nutrients in your diet: Improve your diet, by cutting down on the junk and adding more fruits, veggies, lean protein and water. This will surely make you feel better.

2. You keep thinking about your past:

‘Stop pressing rewind on the things that need to be deleted from your life.’

• Instead of focusing on what you could have done, focus on what can be done: No matter how sad or depressing your past was, don’t let it ruin your present and future. Learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them.

• Don’t let you past weight you down, when somebody offended or hurt you: Learn to move on. Remember living in the past only messes up your present. When we hold hard feelings we affect ourselves not the other person.

3. You postpone and break promises to yourself:

If you decide to do something, do it no matter how difficult the circumstances are or how much opposition you have to face. Be true to yourself.

• If you make a decision to do something, do it: The failure of keeping promises that you make to yourself hurt the most. So, if you decide something, do it and you will be at peace with yourself.

• Don’t put yourself down: Even if you fail in achieving the desired outcome, don’t put yourself down. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” So continue making promises to yourself.

4. You let others hold you back:

Do what makes you happy, and don’t care what others think.

• It should not matter to you what others think or say about you: It is your journey, so steer your boat yourself, without being affected of what people have to say about it.

• Do what you love, and nothing will ever bother you: By doing what you love, you will always be happy and nothing anyone can say will ever bother you.

5. All you do is work:

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, it is important that you take some time to party, to pursue your habits or do anything that you love.

• It is important to create a balance between your personal and professional life: Don’t let your professional commitments ruin your personal life or relationship with people you love, always make time for them.

• Go outside, take up a hobby or exercise in fresh air: Get some fresh air, revitalize your body, mind and soul.

Article Summary:  

Peace with yourself is important for a fulfilled, joyous and happy life. Whether you want to feel better about your achievements, settled in your own skin, or avoid the guilt feel inside your own head, these 5 tips will definitely help you achieve peace with yourself .