“If one wishes to become rich they must appear rich”

— Oliver Goldsmith: Anglo-Irish novelist and poet

Everybody wants to be rich and it is a fact, no one can deny. If someone says,“I don’t want to be rich”, then it is probably because they think they can’t. Lots of individuals due to their lack of confidence and self-motivation, convince themselves that they are not rich and they will never be because it’s not in their destiny, they are not worthy or they are not lucky like the riches.

These are just excuses that you make only to hide your inhibitions. There are reasons why you are not rich and others are. Why people who once stood on the same level as you, have reached new heights and you are still standing there? Here are top five reasons, why you are not rich yet.

1. Self-Pity:

Though it is completely normal to feel low sometimes, one must be on continuous lookout that this feeling doesn’t become your second nature. Continuously, feeling sorry about your conditions, irrespective of whether who is responsible for it, holds you back from exploring the other side of your personality, which may be is energetic, lively and confident. When you start living in self-pity, you don’t let yourself to be grateful for the things that you have. Instead, you eventually let yourself be conquered by low self-esteem and stop being creative in using your skills in the best possible way.


  • Remember a time when you feel you accomplished a goal.
  • Do something you like for 1 hour or more. That automatically will change your vision, and you will reconnect with yourself.

2. You Keep Complaining Rather Than Committing:

It is one of the most important reasons that why you are not rich. You keep complaining about things you don’t have or things you have believed that you can never achieve. Some of the really common excuses include, “I don’t make sufficient money”, “I will never come out of debt”, “life is very costly”. Remember, “Don’t make excuses, make progress”. It is always easier to be lazy than to commit yourself to something. If you continue finding excuses, complaining, and regretting, you will never become rich.


  • Take responsibility for your bad habits and,
  • Work on finding ways to change them.

3. You Are Afraid To Take Chances :

Successful people take big risks, knowing that they might fall hard, but they might succeed more than they ever dreamed.


  • Take chances, even if it involves risk.
  • Find out about new avenues that can help you make money.
  • Don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone.

4. You Dont Think Like Rich:

“Man is mind”, these are the words of James Allen. By changing the mind, you can change the man, and by changing what the man thinks about, you can change the man. By changing what you consciously give your attention to you can change. You can’t succeed and make money, by hanging around with people who think life is difficult and it is impossible to succeed.


  • You are a creator, so think like one and focus on things you want in order to create positive and great things in your life.
  • Change your thinking to change your circumstances.

5. You Fail To Leverage Opportunities:

It is a very common mistake that most of the individuals make; they fail to take advantage of opportunities. This may have happened with you as well, when looking at someone who has achieved success; you might have thought to yourself that “I could have thought of that”.


  • There are a numerous opportunities, you just have to have the determination and will to see them and take advantage of them.
  • Think and say to yourself, “I can see opportunities everywhere”.

Ways Of Thinking To Make You Become Rich

You may find it strange, but it is a fact that your thoughts can affect your life. Scientists have studied vibrations of people’s emotions and thoughts, and they have found that happy positive thoughts like appreciation and love vibrate more quickly. And thoughts like envy, frustration, fear vibrate very slowly. The Law of Attraction is the phenomenon that explains the connection between your life (including financial situation) and your thoughts.

A Few Last Words

Become aware of the thoughts you have about money, in order to become rich, they need to be positive about wealth. Be grateful and enjoy what you already have. Believe you are worthy, believe it’s possible and commit yourself to being rich.