“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

— Steve Jobs

Article Overview:

There’s a beautiful quote that says, “Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility”— Oprah Winfrey.

This implies that we just have to find our destiny and true purpose of life. Usually, individuals stray from the true path, they are meant to be on. But, that’s the most daunting task, isn’t it?- finding whether you are on the true life’s path or not? Here we are listing a few ways to uncover your life’s true calling.


What Is Your True Lifes Path?

  • Everybody is born with their own strengths, unique talents and gifts. You just have to find what differentiates you from others, in order to uncover your true life’s path.
  • Your life’s path is exclusively set for you and only you.
  • Your life’s true path includes circumstances, people and situations that only you can handle and nobody else. You can’t and you shouldn’t compare your life’s true path to others, because everybody has a unique path.
  • The subconscious or intuitions have ways of letting you know if you are on your true life’s path. Pay attention to signs and dreams.

How To Find Out If  You Are Being True To Yourself ?

  • With practice you can recognize the difference between the right and wrong path. Keep asking yourself what feels correct and what feels wrong. Does your friend’s circle make you feel happy and comfortable? How you feel about your job? Ask yourself if this is the life that the universe expects you to live.
  • Pay attention to things that keep coming back. The things that are crucial in your life and have a strong relation with your true life’s path, will repeat and they won’t go away. Every time you feel lost, you find yourself in the kitchen, cooking? You find peace capturing the shades of nature through your lens? Take clue from these repetitive things to uncover your true life’s path.
  • Meditate on things you feel worried and troubled about whether it is related to your relationship or career or anything else. Ask if you are making a correct choice. Sit still for 20-30 minutes in a tranquil place and breathe in and out to think deeply about your life and choices your are making.
  • Life’s true callings always make you feel good. When you do what you are supposed to be doing, you feel joyous, loving, connected and purposeful. Notice those times in your day to day life, when you feel contented and what are you doing, during those times.

How To Sense And Respond To The Push

  • When you feel curious or a thought keeps popping in your head, this can be a sign by the universe that you are slightly off your true life’s path.
  • Listen and respond to those pushes. Keep looking for things that don’t feel right or pattern of repetition (certain things or places) that keep reappearing. That can be a sign that you need to come back on track and pay attention to something particular that you have been neglecting.

Find Joy In Day To Day Activities:

  • Sometimes you are so busy looking at wrong things that you forget to notice right things and don’t take joy and happiness in small yet significant treasures of life. So start taking joy in day to day activities— like cooking, driving, and even in doing dishes.
  • Read positive affirmations to improve your thoughts, “I’m on my true life’s path and I am enjoying every bit of it.”

Article Summary:

When you are focused, understand your intuitions and have a positive frame of mind, uncovering and following your true life’s path will be a lot easier. By doing what you are expected by the universe to do, you will find love, peace, money and excitement.