“The universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of something you’re observing or something you’re remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it.”

― Abraham Hicks- American inspirational speaker and author

Article Overview:

If you want more happiness, love and peace in your life, try changing your thoughts. According to the rule of the Universe, it is important to think positive to operate at a high vibration. High vibrations in turn, will attract more joy and success to your life. The thoughts of anger, fear and negativity show that you are operating at a low vibration and prevent the good from coming in your life. So, raise your vibration to improve your life’s success. And here are a few really effective ways to raise your vibrations.


The Fundamentals Of Vibrations:

  • Humans are all energy and so are our thoughts, whether we think unconsciously or consciously.
  • Think of positive thoughts that will increase and make ways for you to receive only good things, people and situations and thus improve your life.
  • Think thoughts of kindness, gratitude, love and respect, to high your vibrations.
  • High vibrations will make it simple to attract and receive what you want in life.
  • Prevent from thinking of anxiety, fear, anger or worry, as these lower your vibrations, which in turn make it tough to receive what you want in life.

Ways To Improve Your Thoughts:  

  • Examine the attitudes of people you surround yourself with, or spend time with— family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Do they have a positive attitude or negative attitude? How you feel after meeting them— happy or down?
  • Detoxify. Stop or decrease the consumption of the following in your diet like animal products, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and processed foods. These food affect your thoughts immensely.
  • Meditate. Usually, tough to start, but once it becomes a habit, there is nothing more calming. Meditation allows you to connect to your inner self, and receive messages from the Universe. This will significantly help improve your thoughts.

Use Visualization To Achieve Success In Life:

  • Build positive thoughts and positive energy by visualizing every day what you dream about and want in reality. Focus on greeting people with a smile, going through your work day easily, and receiving workload that can be easily handled.
  • Think eating healthy and clean, with foods that make you feel strong and satisfied.
  • Imagine feeling blessed by all the wonderful things and people in your life.

Affirmations To Increase Your Vibration State:

  • These positive statements will help you set your intention for the moment, day or week.
  • They are effective tools to use each day, in order to focus on positive thoughts rather than worrying how the day turns out to be.
  • Use sticky notes and stick them everywhere, laptop, bedroom, dressing room to keep reminding yourself of the energy you want to send out to the world, which you will receive multiplied.
  • “Everything works great and with synchronicity in my life”.
  • “I treat my body with balance, love and respect. Health is my priority.”
  • “My life is rich, with several sources of income and lots of love all around me”.
  • “I take happiness wherever I go, and provide significant contributions to people in my life.”
  • “I see the smaller as well bigger picture, in order to assist me achieve my goals”.

Article Summary:

Although the world around you can be very negative sometimes, you can build your own bliss with your thoughts, and draw more success than you will realize by increasing your vibration. From visualizations to affirmations, it needs practice but it will soon become a habit.