“Persuasion is often more effectual than force.”

– Aesop – Greek fabulist or story teller

Article Overview:

Usually people find it hard to understand the difference between persuasion and forcing a choice. If you force your choice on others and consider that you are very persuasive and you have been utilizing your persuasion power effectively, then you need to stop and rethink. People who put their persuasion powers to best use are liked by one and all, and people who force their decision on others are not. Thus, it is important that you enhance your persuasion power whether you deal with a subordinate, boss, sibling, parent or kids. Here are some of the simplest tips to motivate others to think the way you do.


Benefits Of having High Persuasion Power:

  • Allows you to win people’s heart, from your spouse to your boss and everyone else.
  • Makes you an effective leader in the eye’s of the people, making you everyone’s first choice for any important job or responsibility.
  • Enhance your communication with your spouse, parents and children by being persuasive rather than talking negatively. Effective communication is the key quality of an amazing persuader.
  • Gives you an advantage over others (in professional as well as love life)
  • Achieve greater success in life.
  • Assists you in creating credibility.

Steps To Be More Persuasive:

  • Focus on learning how to set up a perfect communication, instead of turning even a simple communication into an argument.
  • Avoid conflicts. Once you see a fight approaching, decide what is more important. Remember that it is not about being right all the time!
  • Use questions and provide the answers to make other people consider your statements.
  • Provide some data to support your statements.

Talk To Others Like You Understand Their Condition And Situation:

  • No one likes a bighead person with know-it-all attitude, so by being one you can only create haters. People don’t take such type of people seriously, and this will make the situation when making your point more difficult.
  • Talk from a perception of respect and understanding. Be positive about the results and focus on the outcome that you know will be beneficial for one and all.
  • Connect with people by acting as you understand their situation, this is the reason why you are able to present them with a perfect solution.

Set Limits And Be Constant:

  • You can’t be convincing and believable if you are weak about what you want, or keep changing your mind every now and then.
  • Make every statement with full confidence. Also use closed-end statements, like “When can I get a confirmation from you, about the plan you are choosing?” instead of saying, “Would it be ok if I call you to know if you are interested in any of the plans and would like to sign up through me?”
  • Finish your conversation by going over the contract you made, like “Wonderful! It was nice meeting you, and I will get back to you to discuss about the plan you are going to choose.”

Conclusive Evidence Matter The Most:

  • Persuasiveness is about the essential and basic aspects. You can’t talk in all fuzz all of the time.
  • It is important to give them your sales record, background or details of achievements. Show them through past successes what you can deliver and that will be a key factor in persuading them to choose you over others.

Article Summary:

Persuasion power is not something you are born with; it is something that you have to learn to use in your language, communication, body language and your complete behavior. These tips will definitely help you take better control of your personal life and career, by persuading people to act according to you.