“Becoming the observer (step back) you begin to live in process, trusting where our source is taking you. You begin to detach from the outcome. That detachment allows you to stop fighting and allows things to just come to you; you no longer make things happen but allow them to show up. The fight is gone!”

― Wayne W. Dyer, The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning

Article Overview:

In this article we will discuss what law of detachment is and how by embracing it you can manifest those things that you wish in life. The law of detachment is all about learning how to let go of those things you need, want and wish. It is usually the missing link in the law of attraction. When you learn to let go of things, you should trust that the universe want you to be happy. By learning to lighten your grip, you change your vibration from that of attachment to that of detachment.


How Is The Law Of Detachment Different From The Law Of Attraction?

  • The principle of law of attraction is “like attracts like”.
  • This law suggests that you attract whatever it is that you are continuously thinking of.
  • When you become too attached to something, your energy actually pushes your desires away.
  • When you can learn to detach from something, you give out a strong message assisting you to manifest much more quickly.

The Law Of Detachment Contributes To Expand Your Vision

  • By attaching to a particular desire, you narrow your focus.
  • By detaching from a desire, you actually expand your focus.
  • You are open to more possibilities when you are detached from the desire.
  • By being detached you take your blinders off and increase your vision.
  • Being detached allows you to increase your funnel of opportunity.

Getting Into The Flow Of Detachment

  • By detaching from your wishes, you open up new opportunities and new options because you don’t know exactly how your wish might come back to you.
  • The law of detachment is all about giving up your attachment to the known.
  • This law is all about limitless, boundless, unlimited, plenty in all ways and all things.
  • For almost everyone, their obstacles are just in their imagination.
  • This law allows you to be free.

Embracing Uncertainty

  • Embracing uncertainty is all about learning how to loose the grip.
  • It is about letting go and making life happen.
  • It is about synchronicity and being in the right place at the right time.
  • It is about having a belief that the universe will give you something a lot better than what you have imagined.

The Law Of Countless Opportunities

  • By being open to a number of different solutions you can create a strong type of energy as you are not really sure how your wishes might come back.

The Wisdom Of “Unpredictability”

  • By practicing law of detachment you open yourself to a number of solutions.
  • It is about entering the unknown with grace and faith.
  • It is about giving yourself to a higher power and having trust that what you wish will come to you at the right time in a right way.

How To Embrace The Law Of Detachment

  • Commit to the principle of detachment by letting yourself to expand your horizons. It is about being ready to accept whatever might come to you, even if what you get is not something that you expected. It about having 100% faith that are you on the right path.
  • Embrace uncertainty and create order out of confusion and chaos.
  • Confidently step into the field of endless opportunities.

Article Summary  

Accepting the law of detachment is about increasing your horizons. It is about expecting the unexpected. It is about being ready to accept numerous choices and several solutions. It is about admitting that there is a higher force at work. It is about experiencing all the magic, fun and mystery of life. When you accept the unknown, life opens up in a completely new way, and with the help of law of detachment you will be able to do so in a huge way.