Look for the beauty that surrounds you and connect with Nature.

As human beings, we are attracted to beauty. Actually, we don’t realize the fact that we need it in our lives.

As Eckhart Tolle reminds us in his book A New Earth, the first recognition of beauty probably was seeing a flower. The simple act of admiring the delicacy and feeling the exquisite fragrance of a flower, helps us to connect with love, joy, happiness and lots of emotions that are beneficial to enhance our mood.

This way we can reconnect with our inner selves.

Nature itself makes us the gift of its presence; the delicate colors you can observe in the sky during dawn and sunset, the wonderful landscapes of meadows, the incomparable feelings that evoke the beach within us or the beauty of the mountains, to name a few. Also, the splendor of the animals, their beauty and tenderness too, they tell us of the great creation that was placed in our hands and from where we are a piece too. That brings to us awareness and mindfulness.

These are the gifts that we can access everyday to place ourselves in a better attitude and fill our world with endless possibilities to develop our creative side.

Mankind, on the other hand, had created beauty in the forms of paintings, sculptures, pottery, architecture, exquisite interior designs, gardens, fabrics, music, poetry, writing, theater, cinema, and more, to delight itself and to fill that need for beauty. All arts have beauty inside, even a well executed cake! There are wonderful and beautiful things everywhere we turn to, we just need to focus and find them.


  • Look everyday for anything that inspires you and evokes good emotions.
  • Look for the colors you like.
  • Listen to the music you are attracted to.
  • Feel the joy of that moment; just enjoy yourself for some time.

For instance, if flowers are the most calming elements for you, get in contact with flowers, as much as possible, even if that means going to a nursery or the flower section of a grocery store.

Our contribution to you to fill this beauty need is that we will post the most beautiful pictures we can find for you. You will have access to images of flowers, nature, animals and anything beautiful created by man, thus helping you to reconnect with your inner self. Check our Beauty Need Gallery here