“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money.
It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

–Steve Jobs

Are You Using Your Time Wisely?


It was a normal Wednesday evening, I was drinking my cup of tea and suddenly I observed that my cellphone that was connected to the house wifi was not working properly.

A few seconds later my son screamed, “Mom, there’s no internet!”

I thought, “Mmm, its true, we have no internet connection. No problem, we can use the cellphones data until I can figure out how to fix it”. After all, sometimes we had the same problem and I fixed it. So, here I go, connecting the lap top to cellphone data and working for about an hour like that.

After a while, I had to print something and realized the printer couldn’t do it because of the lack of connection. “Ok” I thought, “it’s time to fix the issue.” I tried everything before calling the internet company. Nothing worked. After I called them they said everything looked fine on their end, so it could be the equipment they said. What a disaster!

To finish the story with a happy ending, I have to say that miraculously after plugging, unplugging, resetting and I don’t know what else, the internet started working. The very same things I tried before, this time worked.

That experience made me ponder, “Really? All this drama just for not having internet?”

“Well, yes I need the internet to work, in my case it is indispensable,” I thought.

Seconds later I was laughing at myself and how I justified the entitlement for those commodities.

It wasn’t about, “There’s no shelter tonight”.

It wasn’t about, “There’s no food today”.

It wasn’t even about, “There’s not air conditioning today”–with more than 102 degrees outside.

It was a simple no internet connection issue and yet it was a big deal. It’s when I became aware that we’ve lost perspective about our lifestyle.

Modern life has made us take what we consider “basic things” for granted. Electricity, internet connection, cellular, air conditioning, heater–just to name a few. 

Do you realize that 100 years ago those elements didn’t exist? Can you imagine your life today without them?

Our world has changed.

The main question here is, are we changing too? Or are we still attached to old thinking models?


Let’s pause our auto-pilot life for a minute and ask ourselves,

  • Do we understand we are living in the best time in human history?
  • Are we really grabbing all the opportunities this modern life is offering us?
  • Are we just complaining about little things and numbing ourselves with TV, social media and games?


Let’s face it: Everything changes and the ones who will harvest the benefits are the ones who act now.

Studies and research show that what we are looking for now is not only to survive but to live. We are looking to feel fulfillment and transcend. We need to feel that we matter and the only way to accomplish that is to find our purpose and follow it with passion.

The good news is that we all have one piece of the puzzle. Nobody is here by mistake or as a spare piece. There’s no reason to live a meaningless life, when we have all the resources at our fingertips. We have all the information available about anything we can imagine. There are new business models that work without leaving our homes–just from the computer, and that you can start with a little money investment and a moderate time investment.

Then, the key here is Time. Use you time to learn. Prepare yourself.

Do you know what is the difference between successful people and people that only survive?

It’s mostly the way they use their time.

If everybody has the same amount of minutes in a day, why do some people make the most of their time and are always productive? How are we spending our time? What choices are we making regarding time?

Unless you’re already on your life purpose path, consider dedicating time to follow your passions and to find your purpose here.


In order to make a change we need to commit to it and book it on our agendas, otherwise it will never happen. Our busy days will find a way to take us out of the road very quickly.

Here we have some suggestions:

  1. Schedule 1 hour a day to learn about self help and mindset. Everything starts with the way we think. Audiobooks are a great way to use commute time to work or time making chores at home.
  2. Schedule at least 1 hour a day–or more, to learn from any topic that lights your fire. After some days, you will have ideas on how to use that information and step by step a plan will be revealed to you. Follow your heart desires.

Do you think you can dedicate 2 hours from your day to yourself? Certainly you can. It will transform your life and your family’s life.

Remember that the best we can do for our loved ones is to be healthy physically and emotionally. In other words, taking care of yourself is a great way to demonstrate love for them because you can only give them what you have.

A great way to learn is to read or listen to selected books on our Selection page.

Time is the greatest asset we have, let’s use it wisely!

The best is yet to come!