“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

–Zig Ziglar


Did You Make Your Midyear Evaluation?


It’s been almost six months since we made our New Year’s goals and resolutions and many of them turned into impossible wishes as we stop trying or gave up on them.

Since that scenario is very normal for the vast majority of us we think, “Well, at least I’m not the only one.”

Our better health and fitness, family, financial freedom, career and relationship goals—among others, end up being unattainable because we didn’t make a plan to achieve them.

What about the ones who sticked to their goals and tried, yet they didn’t have the results they expected?

In that case, the strategies and actions taken maybe weren’t the appropriate ones. And that’s good news! Why?—you may ask. I say it’s good news for two reasons:

  1. Because you are part of the minority elite that sticked to their goals. That’s something to really acknowledge and feel good about.
  2. Because you got a learning lesson. Now you know what’s not working—or at least not working as expected, and you can find out what adjustments are needed to get back on track.

Our third scenario is when you are getting into your goals and you discovered that is not really what you wanted or is not worth the time and effort. Again, the good news it’s that you tried—therefore, you are also part of the elite that was committed to their goals, and after doing it, you’re determining that you don’t want to follow that path. And that’s perfectly fine.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard for many people to reach their goals?

There are many factors involved. Our backgrounds and traumas that originated limiting beliefs, procrastination, lack of commitment and discipline, lack of energy, fear of success, and on top of that life still happens for everybody!

We are bringing this topic here not to be hard but to be accountable to ourselves.

If we don’t know where we are now and where we want to be at the end if the year, it’s very unlikely we can get there.

We already past half of the year. Yet, there’s another half of this year that we can make the most of in time and resources.

So, we identified the scenario we are in. Now, what can we do about that?

There are many approaches to this.

If you are in between the ones that abandoned, tried or even disregarded some goals after trying them, here are some considerations to take:

  1. Remember to be true to yourself. Chances are that maybe those goals were not your idea but  somebody else’s idea or societal pressure. This could be a reason why you couldn’t stick to your goals. Until you’re convinced that this is the correct path for yourself, you won’t be serious about even trying. To make sure you’re clear about what you want, see our post The Power of Clarity.
  2. Sometimes if things are not going our way it’s because our mindset. Work on transform your limiting beliefs into empowering ones. For instance, there’s no way to be wealthy if deep inside you thing that “money is the root of all evil”. To find excellent books see our Selection Page.
  3. Be open to new possibilities. Consider that maybe there’s something better in store for us. Open up to more alternatives and evaluate if that could be another way to reach your goals, in other words don’t try to control everything. Use your intuition and be open to receive.
  4. If you’ve reach some level of success but you are not where you’d like to be, measure your level of improvement. Be clear about what you’ve tried, what the results were and the time and money invested. Remember that there is a learning curve and master a skill will take some time. Decide how much more time or money would be reasonable to spend on these strategies before implementing other methods, invest in education on that topic or move on to another goal.

Whatever your current circumstances are, don’t give up on your future. Keep trying. You still have half of the year to make things happen. Even if you don’t reach your goals, if you take action, you will be in a better position at the end of he year than you are right now.

I insist, December 2017 will come anyway, let’s make a wise use of the time until then.

The best is yet to come!