“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”.

–Jim Rohn

Aren’t You Forgetting Someone?


We play many roles in our lives.

By nature we tend to give the best to our loved ones always, and this is specially true when our protective and maternal instincts take place.

For people who are givers–men and women, its hard to define when enough is enough and when we are neglecting ourselves. Usually we take care of our children, our spouses, our parents and anybody else we love.

Have you ever wondered…are you properly taking care of yourself?

You may ask, what kind of question it this?

The truth is that nobody can give what they don’t have.

If I don’t have an apple, I can’t give you an apple. It’s a simple concept.

Yet, when it comes to people we love, it’s not that simple because we give even what we don’t have.

Sometimes we give until we’re in debt with ourselves. We want to be the perfect child, the perfect spouse, the perfect parent, the perfect friend and so on. If we don’t do that, we feel like we are failing.

Let me tell you, you don’t need to be perfect to be loved.

You are already worthy of love by your very existence. There’s no way you’ll be perfect every time with everybody. If you try to please people around you all the time, chances are you’re forgetting about yourself and you’ll resent it sooner or later.

Your body will remind you that things are out of balance. Emotional pain, stress, disease and being tired all the time are usually the consequences.

What can you do?

In order to take care of others, you need to properly take care of yourself first.

It’s like the airplane mask principle. In the event of an emergency, you need to put your mask on first and then assist others and not otherwise.

We have two areas to consider when we want to preserve our wellbeing:



  1. Eat properly. When we feed our body with plenty of water, vegetables, fiber, protein and fruits, we will feel better versus eating, refined sugar, sodas, processed meals and junk food. Try it out. Your energy will be different, and of course your health will be better. After all if we don’t have health there’s not much we can do for ourselves or anybody else.
  2. Sleep and rest. Nowadays we sleep less. We deprive ourselves of resting to the point where we feel guilty if we do it. We feel like we are wasting precious time if we’re not working or doing chores and sacrifice our sleep hours. This is one of the worst ways to live. I say that because I did it. When our bodies and minds can’t take enough sleep, actually we are hurting ourselves. Biologically we need to sleep, period. When we don’t rest enough, our body won’t have enough energy, stress will build up, we are angry all the time—specially with our children and spouse. We gain weight because the body send the stress signal and stores more fat on top of making very poor eating choices to compensate that imbalance. As you can see, it’s a great health investment to sleep regular hours.
  3. Exercise. We all know that we benefit from exercise. And I’m not saying you need to exercise for one hour daily jogging or cycling. That’s not realistic. On the other hand, I have seen what 40 minutes of exercise per week can do for my body. It is incredible that I don’t even catch a cold. Our immune system is boosted, our stress is release and a sense of wellbeing is the perfect reward for this small effort. Look for different exercise alternatives available.




  1. Meditate. If you’re not meditating yet, I invite you to set aside about 15 minutes each day to do it. There are many guided meditations available that can help you to start. There are great benefits, specially you will see that a sense of serenity will be with you all day.
  2. Follow your passion. Find out what you love to do and practice it at least once a week. It can be anything, from reading, crafting, baking, cooking, painting, dancing or any other activity that you really enjoy. This will be your play time. You need that time. This will help you reconnect with your essence, with yourself.
  3. Protect your mind. I mean listen and/or read good messages, books, courses or anything that helps you to be positive and inspired. There are times when listening to an audiobook have made all the difference in the world when it comes to be more productive, believe in myself and take action. We have a great selection of books for you in our Selection page.
  4. Have fun. According to Dr. William Glasser, fun is a basic need that is the genetic reward for learning. Because we play all our lives, we keep learning all our lives. He said, the day we stop playing is the day we stop learning. This is why it’s so important to have fun, laugh and have a great time. Watch a movie, go out with friends, celebrate an event, travel or simply play with your pet. Laugh out loud and you’ll see your problems seem smaller.

There you have it, some tips to take care of yourself properly. If you want more steps to transform your life and feel happier, read my book Happiness Your 7 Mind Powers.

We are living in this wonderful world, and remember that the best is yet to come!