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Discover These 7 Mind Powers You Didn’t Know You Have And Use Them To Achieve Happiness

Did you ever wonder, “What if life is more than just my daily routine?” Or

“Do I have a purpose in life?” Or

“Why can’t I be happy?” Or

“Why can everybody else reach happiness but me?” 

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you’ve read all day. Here’s why…

You’re about to discover “Hidden Powers” within you. These powers work whether you know it or not, so you better use them to your advantage!

Here’s the thing:

You are born to be happy. It is your birthright.

And you have 7 mind powers to do that!

When you know how to utilize these powers within yourself, everything is easier and without struggle.

What most people don’t realize is that using these powers is extremely easy

You just need to be aware of them!

This book is written to teach you everything you need to know about acknowledging and using your strengths to create the life you want.

I’ve compiled all my knowledge into an easy to read book.

You are not alone in your sufferings. You can recover hope and the courage to go on through those difficult times because there is a way to overcome challenges, there are many people with the same questions you have, and many others that have already re-shaped their lives.

There are essentially 3 main things you need to know about changing your reality:

  1. How to feed your mind correctly.
  2. How to be clear about your skills and purpose in life.
  3. How to use your energy to create your world.

The book covers all of this, and a lot more. And when you read it, you won’t believe how simple it really is to feel peace and fulfillment.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • What is happiness? Why is chasing happiness ineffective.
  • What do all humans seek, and how it can be obtained?
  • Why do we think “somebody else” will make us happy.
  • Why the wrong type of “love” is sabotaging your happiness.
  • Why do others not see the world as you see it?
  • A deep analysis and understanding of our society over the past 4 generations and how they influence our mindset.
  • An entire chapter devoted to the wonder of uniqueness and purpose for every single person.
  • You will find out what is the most important question you can ask yourself.
  • The importance of learning to listening to yourself and live your truth—and not anybody else’s truth.
  • Treasures within the mind. How to explore and discover them.
  • Are you truly using your power to choose? Or are you giving that power away?
  • What are you really creating every day? Correct thinking creates a better personal world.
  • What are your words shaping in your world?
  • How your “energy broadcast” attracts the same to you.
  • A complete guide to clear your life from what is blocking your success.
  • Are you attached to patterns that just lead you to waste time and energy?
  • How to find instant relief and joy while you create more joy.
  • Become ready to unleash your full potential, live your true purpose and create your life in your own terms!

You Can Choose To Be Happy Today!

Do you dare to take the next step?
It is up to you, make the decision now. The best is yet to come!
Shall we begin?”

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“The author delivers! I found the book, “Happiness Your 7 Mind Powers: How to realize your inner power, believe it, accept it, take ownership and use it to achieve happiness” to be exactly as the title. For me, it was like finding treasure. It provides the reader motivation, hope and a path to follow to achieve happiness. It is well researched and loaded with excellent references and quotes. However, the research is backed up with personal experiences. I frequently read self-help type books and make the concepts Paola Lujan articulates a serious study. Loaded with ageless wisdom, this books stands out and it is one I will return to often. My copy is well highlighted with notes.

In addition to valuable concepts, it is enjoyable and easy to read and understand. Once I began reading, it was difficult to put the book down for a little while to attend to necessary tasks. I found myself caught up in the stepwise journey to happiness the writer led me through that exposed false concepts and reinforced practical and true concepts. As the book takes us through many of the writer’s trials and tribulations, I felt like I was journeying with the writer; as her eyes were opened, so were mine. It was a journey of the heart as well as the mind…You will find a great deal of practical, stepwise advice. In conclusion, the author reviews all the points succinctly and offers readers access to a free eBook.
If happiness and personal growth is important to you, then I highly recommend this book.”

Bob K
“One of the better books on the subject (I’ve read quite a lot). The book gives great insight into how to realize your mind’s true potential to be happy. My favorite chapter was on the power of clarity which really made me think and give attention to the things I truly want in life. It helped me to ignore the things that made me unhappy and to chase after those aspects in life which can truly bring fulfillment. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. There is so much value in being happy everyday and making a conscious decision to do so, it’s just a no brainer!”
Chelsea R.
“This is a wonderful book, and a great read for the start of a new year. The author has written this in such a way that it is easy and simple to understand…I loved the author’s stories from the past – these really help you understand the point of each chapter.
Looking forward to the next book.”
Robyn J.